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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Have you ever heard of a "neat freak?" Well, me and my dad are kind of "fantasy freaks." Since I like writing really long stories, I'll give you something more than a definition to "Fantasyitis," a crazy and newly-found disease.

Around late August, I was eating at Billy Bobs Burgers, a fast food joint, with my aunt, my uncle, and their two kids, when my uncle asked "I started a fantasy football league, and I'm trying to get people into the league. Would you guys like to join?"

I was the first one to say yes, considering I had been in a fantasy baseball league on a different website. Eventually, my mom and dad joined the league, and I helped them out with the process. Then, somehow, somewhere, I caught that crazy and newly-found disease, Fantasyitis.

I just went absolutely crazy with the fantasy teams. I had three fantasy football teams, a college football team, three hockey teams, and a fantasy football and baseball mock draft team. See, that took up a whole two lines!

I was wishing there was a "delete" button for any of those teams, but I couldn't find anything like it. So I just didn't look at those teams. All but one of those unseen teams did anything good.

Just a couple of days ago, I looked at one of those unseen teams just to discover that it was the number one team in the league, and the playoffs hadn't even started (by the way, these were two of my fantasy hockey teams). So I decided to make the fantasy hockey team that I look at my unseen fantasy hockey team and my unseen hockey team the fantasy hockey team that I look at.

So yesterday I was in my fantasy baseball draft room doing the draft when I thought about how my dad had caught my horrible case of fantasyitis, but his wasn't as bad, although he's showing early signs of fantasyitis.

After the draft, he asked us if we wanted to do a mock draft just to feel the fun of drafting. I said yes, which means I have fantasyitis, and have had it for a long time. My sister showed not even a vague sign of fantasyitis.

There's a cure to the horrific fantasyitis, and it's very simple. If you're a football, hockey, and baseball fan, only get ONE fantasy team for each of those sports. Add in a mock draft team and you're good to go (WARNING: BENEFITS OF THIS CURE ARE IN THE FOLLOWING LIST: LESS SPORTS TO WATCH (YOU WON'T NEED TO WATCH AS MANY PLAYERS), LESS TO READ OUT OF THE SPORTS SECTION, AND EXCESSIVE BURPING.Well, MAYBE excessive burping).

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