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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Master Goes Down

It’s week 16 of the NFL season, which means if you play fantasy football on CBSsports.com, your league's championship game is this week. Which means if you're in the championship, you had to win your round one game. Well, my round one game was against my division rival.

My division rival and I (His team name is “WhosTheMaster!”) squared it out in week one, WhosTheMaster! beating my team, the Kiddos, 131-83.  So the Kiddos decided to gear up, becoming 7-4 when they played WhosTheMaster! in Week 12.

What makes this rivalry even more heated is that the Kiddos sister is in WhosTheMaster!’s fourth grade classroom. This made communication through these rivals easy.

When the playoffs came, the Kiddos and WhosTheMaster! were to fight it out one last time. This time, it was to see who would go to the championship. These two really worked to fix their teams for what could be their last fantasy football game until the next NFL season.

When the game started, the score was close, but the Kiddos were leading. When the 4:05 and 4:15 games started, WhosTheMaster! took the lead, but only for a short while. But the Kiddos easily climbed back on top.

WhosTheMaster! had only Beanie Wells and Larry Fitzgerald still to play. Together, they had only scored 14 points when that game went into overtime.

At this time, the score to the fantasy game was 92-72. If your defense hasn’t started, when they start, you get 20 points automatically.  When WhosTheMaster!’s players were finished, the Kiddos defense started.

The Kiddos were glad they didn’t need to count on their defense, because the defense I started scored 0 points, but the Kiddos are still in the League Championship game.

Look for my next article, “RG3 vs. The NFL.”