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Friday, January 6, 2012

Thriller in Texas

Last Tuesday, the Texas Stars played the San Antonio Rampage. Although these two teams are 3rd and 4th in the division that they’re in, they played a very good game. It included amazing saves, big penalties, and multiple goals for one person.

This was my very first hockey game in my life, so I came prepared. My Dad told me that the closer you sit to the ice, the colder it is. So I brought one T-shirt and two coats to wear to the game.

When the teams took the ice for warm-ups, I was enthusiastic. I was waiting to see just how much power these hockey players put into their passes and shots.

After the game started, we sat there moving our heads left and right and left and right as the puck moved from the Stars possession to the Rampages possession and back again.

But the first downside to the trip was when the Rampage scored with 6:21 left in the first period. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Well, both of the teams that you watched on Tuesday are from Texas, so why should you care who wins or loses?”

I have no answer to that question yet, but I will.

So anyway, everyone was pouting since the Stars were at home. But then, with 1:06 left in the first period, the Stars finally scored.

I was screaming for two reasons. One because the Stars just scored, and two was because the buzzer was louder than someone screaming in you’re ear with a bullhorn.

Still, the Stars scored, so I didn’t really care about how loud the buzzer was. Then the first period ended.

My Dad and I went to the snack bar to get something to eat. When we got back, I looked at the ice. What I saw was astonishing. The ice was completely covered in snow because the players skating dug up the ice at the top layer and it became soft snow.

That’s when the Zamboni’s came out. We watched as the Zamboni’s covered the ice with a small layer of water that would freeze, making the ice perfect.

Then the Stars took the ice, and boy was I eager to watch two more periods of Stars hockey.

Then the drop of the puck happened. The Stars won it, and the game started back up again, though it didn’t really help the Stars. The Rampage scored with 11:36 left in the second period.

Everyone was quiet for a long time, making a noise when the Stars ALMOST scored a goal. Other than that, the whole building was completely quiet. Then the second period ended.

I went to go get some ice cream from a dippin’ dots stand. That didn’t help me, because by the time I had finished I was wearing two coats, both zipped up.

Then the Stars took the ice in the third period, looking to win the game. But I was looking for overtime, then of course a shootout.

After a couple of minutes, I went wild when the Stars scored. Well, actually, everyone was going wild. The Stars had tied the game!

We started waiting and waiting and waiting for another goal, but all we got was glove, pad, skate, post, or crossbar.

Then I got what I was waiting for, OVERTIME! It was the first game that had playing time after the end of regulation, so I was very excited.

I went to use the restroom and then went straight back to my seat, hoping they would start early, but they didn’t, so I was bored for the twenty minutes they made us wait.

Finally, they started the five-minute four-on-four sudden death overtime. So for about two and a half minutes, we watched four guys from each team go back and forth.

Then finally, the Stars came through with 2:22 left in overtime with the winning goal! And the crowd goes wild! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!

My dad and I stayed so we could see whom the three stars of the game were. I forgot who the third star was, but the second star was Matt Frasier with two goals, and the number one star was the guy who scored the game-winning goal.

I wish I could go see those guys again. The Texas Stars seemed like a NHL caliber team, not an AHL team.

Latest news: Just two weeks after this game, Jamie Benn’s older brother, Jordie Benn, was called up to the Dallas Stars. This makes the 48th brother pair up on the same team.

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